Why I Urge You Not To Pass This Opportunity - Please Read Carefully

It Does Not Matter If You’re Working or Studying, Work Around It.

Huge investment Returns Plus Get Weekly Bonuses & Commissions.

10% Direct Sales (Your Individual Sales)

10% Network Bonus. (What Your Group Does)

You Also Get Matching Bonus Up to 4 Levels Deep 
Level 1 10%
Level 2 10%
Level 3 20%
Level 4 25%
(When Your Referrals Sign Up Other Members).

You Can Now Use BITCOIN as Payment to Buy Products.

1.7 Million Members Throughout the World.

Over 500 Millionaires in The Last 12 Months.

Over 25,000 Members Earning 6 Figures.

Company Is Already Doing Over $125 Million A Week.

Over 5-7 Thousand Customers Buy Our Packages A Day
Company Has Done Over $1 Billion in Their Very First Year.

Company Has $2.3 Billion Market Share.

OneCoin Can Be Accepted Anywhere Via the Mastercard Logo.

No Other CryptoCurrency Currently Works with the Mastercard.

See How Our Team Is Making 3-6 Figures A Week Easily.

The Main Object Is to Build Your Coins and Build Your Team to Maximise Your Income and Profits.

You Can Either Do the Investment Side or Both, Investment and Networking Side.

First You Will Need to Invest in an Educational Packages.

This will Educate You Everything You Need to Know About OneCoin and Crypto Currency.

You Will Get Free Tokens included in Your Packages.

Wait for All the splits to Happen (Split Doubles Your Tokens and It Happens About 70-90 Days).

Then Mine Your Tokens to Convert to Coins. (Mining Takes About 60-90 Days).

When You Build Your Team and Network You’ll Get Weekly Bonuses Which You Can Buy Tokens, Coins or Withdraw to Your Bank Account.

Or If You Order the OnePay Mastercard You can Transfer To Your Mastercard and Use Worldwide.

Once You Register. You'll Get All The Tools, Help, Videos To Help You Get Started and Earning.


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